What will happen if you don't clean grease trap regularly

4 Major Restaurant Grease Trap Problems that will Ruin Your Sleep

Being the owner of a highly popular is never easy. Well, there are so many things that you will have to take care of, aren’t it? Every day, you need to make sure that your food and ambiance can remain top-notch and offer the guests and the diners the perfect satisfaction. You have to show real creativity to plan new menus and items every now and then to make sure that your customers are getting something new to taste every day. But doing this is not all. You have to take care of the cleaning grease traps to make sure that the place remains hygienic.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Restaurants

Any commercial eatery will require regular and frequent grease trap cleaning. The grease trap is the chamber situated outside of the establishment and separates grease from the wastewater so that when the waste water flows through the sewer, it remains contamination-free. So, to maintain the hygiene of the place and to ensure that you are complying with the protocols of the city council or similar authorities, you need to make sure that the grease trap is cleaned regularly.

If you are not doing so, and not asking any professional agency to help you with grease trap maintenance, then you are going to face the following problems.

  • Blocked Flow Restrictor

When it comes to the flow of the grease trap, there are some compartments in there that help with the mechanism. One such important part is the flow restrictor. Located inside the inlet pipe, this is the part that controls how much water will flow inside the grease trap. The water should be within the level to allow the grease trap to function normally. More water with grease will mean more grease which can make the trap stop doing its job. That is why you need to make sure that the flow restrictor is not clogged. At the time of grease trap cleaning, this can be cleaned with the equipment the agency will use. But without frequent cleaning, this part will be clogged and the solid clog will be impossible to remove.

  • Employee Injuries

If your grease trap is not working properly, then the grease will start showing up at any place in your commercial kitchen. The floor of the kitchen will be specifically more greasy and slippery. As a result, this might lead to employee injuries. Greased kitchen floor is not at all healthy. And as it becomes more accident-prone, you are practically risking the lives of your employees who are working in the commercial kitchen. The fall can lead to spinal cord injury, fractures, injury to the head, brain damage and even death. So, if you are ignoring to clean your grease traps you are running the risk of losing employees or losing money for damage claims and accident claims.

  • Grease Fire

If not cleaned regularly, the grease will remain in the kitchen and then build up in the hood, and duct will lead to a dangerous situation that can cause restaurant fire. Every year, there are many incidents of restaurant fires across Ireland. That is why proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Otherwise, you will lose your business to an accident or you will have to pay a hefty amount of fine for not complying with the safety regulations.

  • Losing Business

When you are not cleaning the grease trap regularly and the waste has no place to go, it will start creating pressure on the pipes inside and the outside of the restaurant. It can cause cracks in the pipe from where the waste will come out on the surface. The restaurant dining area will be full of foul smell and so will be the kitchen. Your customers will stop coming as the whole ambience of the place will become completely unhygienic.

So, what are you waiting for? Before any of these incidents happen, you need to make sure that you are taking every step and cleaning your grease trap regularly so that you can prevent such accidents.

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