easiest way to clean the marble tile

Easiest way to Clean the Marble Tile

Marble tile is not only considered a highly durable flooring material but also a luxury flooring option. Hence, most people love to use these tiles as a floor since it provides varieties of beautiful designs. Additionally, a regular cleaning with an accurate method is enough for protection and maintenance. Despite the fact, you should be careful. So, watch out for any damages and stains and act immediately. Otherwise, it will be hard to elongate the life of the tile.

For your easiness, we have prepared some tips for maintaining marble tiles.

Dust mop:
It is the best tool to wipe away the dust rather than using an old fashioned broom. Mop at least twice or thrice a week to wipe all the dirt and dust deposited on the surface of the marble. Grab a microfiber dust mop instead of a soft and furry head. One with microfiber cloth has much more advantage than that of a regular one.

Vacuuming the marble tile is not preferred because it may, in some cases, damage the floor (when wheels are not in perfect condition and also brush is hard). So, vacuum the floor only when it is an emergency but use it carefully. Ensure the wheels are unimpaired or use the special brush attachment to prevent from damaging the floor.

Cleaning with pH neutral solutions:
Cleaning solutions that are too acidic can damage your marble tile. Additionally, avoid lemon, vinegar, and bleach solution to clean the marble. Hence use a mild solution that has a neutral pH value. You can find one at any hardware store.

Soft cloth:
The soft cloth is the best and safest way to clean as it does not scratch the marble. When you encounter any spills, wipe them out with a soft cloth immediately.

With this article, we hope you got an idea of cleaning your marble tile without affecting the life span. It’s easy, but you need to do it regularly. However, if you are busy, you can hire professional cleaners for a house cleaning service in the Canberra Region. You can enjoy other cleaning services alongside marble tiles.

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