house cleaning like a pro

How to clean your house like a pro?

Cleaning is always a time consuming task and also if it is not done properly then it might affect our belongings. Hence most people assign professional cleaners for this job. They either opt in for spring cleaning service or house cleaning Sydney service whichever is applicable to them. These services results in good results but are often very expensive. Therefore, experts have revealed the proper steps to get house cleaned like a pro.

Steps on cleaning the house like a pro.

Developing a House Cleaning Schedule

Planning is necessary in almost all the works. When we incorporate proper planning, we might be able to clean up a bigger or difficult space in an easiest way. The importance of developing a schedule is having power of customizing as per our own needs and time availability.

While preparing schedule to clean up your house, first list out all the cleaning tasks. You can categorise in any manner you like. But we suggest you to categorise according the room because this will help you to focus on a cluster at a time. Here you can focus on the frequency of clean up that a material needs. For example, a carpet won’t need to vacuum everyday. It may need on a weekly basis. So, these things will be noted on the schedule.

Prepare cleaning solutions

Another preliminary work that need to focus is the cleaning solutions. You can get various brand cleaning solutions as per your requirements. But if you’re conscious on green cleaning then I bet you can get it in the market or prepare your own homemade cleaning solution.

Here’s how you can prepare eco friendly all purpose cleaner on your own. Mix one part of white vinegar, one part of water, lemon rind and rosemary sprigs in a jar. Shake the mixture properly and let it rest for a week. Then you can pour into a spray bottle. Here you go with the all purpose cleaner.

# Note: If you are unaware about green cleaning then this article, “Secrets behind using Green Cleaning for your home” will help you to learn more about this topic.

Gather equipment

Another important aspect is to collect required cleaning equipment. With these, it will be easy for you to do the cleaning. Mostly you will need fabric, bucket with water, cleaning solutions, squeezer, sponge, etc depending upon nature of cleaning task.

From easy to difficult task

Experts suggest to clean easier task first. It helps to motivate clean up task to go smoothly. Normally what happens when we try to clean up difficult areas is we will use up our energy and effort to clean up. When we don’t get the expected result then we might be frustrated and leave the work as it is. So cleaning up easy areas will not experience this feeling.

Shut off your phone

Distractions is what makes your work incomplete and one of the distractions is obviously your phone. So Experts suggest to keep your phone shut off or at least in silent mode while doing your task. In addition to being more alertness towards your task, it also helps to be more cautious regarding your belongings.

In a nutshell

The process of cleaning by professionals or by ourselves is not different. The only difference is the way we do it. With about suggestions from experts we believe we will be able to think like a pro and clean our house like a pro.

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