7 Evergreen Tips That Will Make Your End of Lease Cleaning Easier

7 Evergreen Tips That Will Make Your End of Lease Cleaning Easier

Moving from one house to another is in itself a very tedious and time-consuming task. In a rental home, end of lease cleaning is a major part of moving. End of lease cleaning is not like your usual weekend cleaning. It has to be done so thoroughly that the house should look new. This often requires special cleaning materials and professional experience. You can do this task on your own, though it is hard. To make it easier for you, here are some tips for a quick and thorough move out cleaning.

Tips for Successful End of Lease Cleaning

Understand your requirements.

Before starting the cleaning, it is important to understand your needs. As mentioned before, move out cleaning requires special techniques and supplies. Research on Google for strong and effective cleaning supplies, and ask experienced people for help.

One of the common mistakes while cleaning is not understanding the demands. The cleaning also usually has certain requirements and conditions, which some people fail to understand. Many people end up losing their bond money because of this. This is why you should always consult your property owner before starting the bond back cleaning.

Clean bit by bit.

Cleaning a whole house in one day is not possible. It is vital to have a well-structured plan before starting end of lease cleaning. Writing this plan down on paper will make it more accessible as compared to one on your phone or one you have mentally noted down.

Cleaning room by room may be the best way to complete your end of lease cleaning. This strategy mainly depends on the size of the room and your capacity to clean. If you clean one to two rooms each day, you will get the job completed in a thorough way without stressing over it.

Remove furniture and personal belongings.

It is an important part of end of lease cleaning to empty the room you will be cleaning. Removing large furniture and personal belongings are major steps to a fast and thorough clean. Working in a clear space gives you easy access to corners and carpets. Also, you can clean the walls, boards and carpets without any obstacles in your way.

To make your room look new, you have to use some pretty strong chemicals and if they accidentally fall on things such as sofas or clothes, it could ruin them.

Clean walls and windows

Cleaning walls is not the easiest thing. Sometimes, while trying to clean marks off it, people end up damaging the surface. Consult a professional before you try any chemical on the walls and if there are marks that you can’t remove, just paint them over with the same colour.

Wiping windows and window frames are very important parts of the cleaning process. These are places that one may not pay much attention to, even though much attention is needed. The easiest way to clean your windows is to vacuum them if they are moderately dirty. Besides this, you can use other methods too, like wiping windows with cloths or dipping sponges in solutions.

Cleaners Showing Thumps Up After House Cleaning,

Hire professional help when needed.

It is important that you understand when you need to call for professional help. Sometimes you just can’t handle some things, which is why you need to know your capacity. Doing things on your own when you feel you can’t is usually encouraged, but you can’t risk it with bond back cleaning. You could damage your belongings or worse still the property. You should call for professional help whenever you feel the slightest need to. Professional end of lease cleaners can make the entire process much smoother for you.

Empty all wardrobes and shelves.

Before wiping and disinfecting wardrobes and shelves, make sure to empty them and then dust them up. The simple steps to doing this are to first take out the contents of the storage area and place them in one place. If it’s ornaments or books, it’s best to dust them before packing. When you have removed everything, just take a dry cloth and wipe everything down before doing anything more.

Removing the contents of the storage place is crucial, as most of the dust gathers in places behind the things in wardrobes or on shelves.

Move out and then call the end of lease cleaners.

If you are cleaning with the help of professionals, here’s one for you. Always move out and vacate the house completely before you call in the experts. Packing, loading, moving, and cleaning should not be done simultaneously. This helps the end of lease cleaners do a better job. Cleaning an empty house is generally easier and faster. Also, moving is quite messy, and if you start cleaning, you might have to invest more effort. It just doesn’t make sense to make things more difficult for the end of lease cleaners too. Therefore, always follow this step to make your move out cleaning more efficient.


End of Lease cleaning is a task. It is always so difficult to decide where to begin from. To help you with this, we have jotted down 7 points that will ease out your end of lease cleaning process. As per experts you just have to consider small steps like cleaning bit by bit, remove your belongings, clean walls and windows, empty your shelves and drawers etc. The points are explained in detail above. All these points are gathered after closely examining the cleaning industry.

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