What Are The Advantages Of Doing An End Of Lease Cleaning?

What Are The Advantages Of Doing An End Of Lease Cleaning?

You are now moving out of your rented property, ready to embark on a new leaf. But you cannot just pack your bags and leave without cleaning up your mess. Yes, you read it right. You need to clean your property when you end your lease.

At the end of your lease, the property’s condition is always the point of contention between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord expects the property to be in the same condition when the tenant first entered, but that is not always the case – there tends to be conflict when property inspection happens. Hence, even without strict rules about the end of lease cleaning, doing so will surely save you a lot of trouble,” Austin Tanner, maintenance expert at Water Distiller, a water filtration company involved in servicing leased properties.

End of Lease cleaning may seem like dirty work, especially when met with other end of lease preparations. However, it has its clear-cut advantages. Are you thinking of skipping cleaning or perhaps Well, the following benefits will make you feel otherwise.

1. Helps You Get Your Security Deposit Back

Security deposits are safeguards against property impairments. Landlords would often deduct money from your deposit for any damage to the property or when you leave it in bad condition. Having an end of lease cleaning is helpful and ensuring that the property will be left in good condition entitles you to have your security deposit back in full.

2. Helps You Avoid Lease Penalties

Aside from security deposits, landlords can also make you may lease penalties for damaged properties. With this, an end of lease cleaning will help you avoid paying any fines, thus saving your money.

3. Helps You Move Out Quicker

Having an end of lease cleaning will let you move out quicker because you do not have to deal with conflicts about the leased property. You can go on your merry way after packing your things, settling the remaining dues, and returning the keys to the landowner. In other words, end of lease cleaning will help you save time in moving.

4. Helps Build Good Portfolio

End of lease cleaning helps you build a good portfolio, especially when looking for new places. Doing so shows respect for your landlord and indicates that you have been a responsible tenant from beginning to end, and this could come in handy if you ever need a reference from them in the future. Favourable recommendations can get you a better deal when renting in the future.

End Your Lease With No Trouble

With all those advantages of doing end of lease cleaning, you know that you can move out without worries. Isn’t it interesting to know how cleaning does wonder?

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