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Quick kitchen cleaning tips for your tight schedule

Kitchen is important room for the home. If this place is rightly sanitized then family members will all be healthy. Hence, it is highly recommended to clean your kitchen and make it dirt free – either you do regular interval of cleaning or deep clean in a while.  In order to clean your kitchen, we have stated a few amazing cleaning tips below:

Take the help of LEMON for your OVEN

Cleaning oven is very hard you need to think clearly which solution to use. Since if not done correctly then it can influence your health. But don’t worry there is easy home made solution.

Simply place 2 lemon halves and leave the door propped open long. In the morning, shut the door and switch the broiler on for some minutes. Turn off, and let the oven cool. Remove the lemons and clean the interior with a clean cloth.

Use vinegar to get rid of water deposits.

If you happen to experience water deposits in the sink then the best way to solve it is by using vinegar. Vinegar helps to dissolve the deposits and passes the water through the pipes.

Use baking soda instead of harsh chemicals.

For any dirty wooden cupboards, use 2:½ of baking soda and oil. This mixture results provides you better cleaning solutions for your old woods. You can use it through sponge, a toothbrush or hands. 

Use lemon for your Kitchen Sink

If you want to make your sink clean and shine as always then you will need to store lemons. The mixture of baking soda and lemon wedge will make sink like new additionally killing germs.

Workout for grout

If you experience discolored and dirty grout then you should work out with vinegar and bicarbonate solution. Mix a paste of bicarbonate and water, apply it the grout, and let it sit. Then spray the mixture with vinegar, watch the fizz, then scrub it clean with a toothbrush.

Clean the air with a SCENT-sational resolution.

Sometimes, regardless of however clean our kitchens are, they only don’t smell good. That’s because of various things. But once when we cook food on the stove, it helps to clear the air and neutralize the bad smell.


We believe, by following above mentioned cleaning tips you will have a dirt free kitchen. But the harsh reality is it’s not only kitchen that needs to be cleaned. There are other places as well. So don’t forget to clean other areas in an interval of time to make your house clean and shinny.

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