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Top 7 Tips for Cleaning Your House in Record Time

Article By – Damien Alcock

There is barely a feeling that beats the comfort you feel when you step into a clean and tidy home, especially if the house is well designed and polished. However, maintaining a clean house always can be a bit stressful sometimes, and the processes can be tricky. Most novices get confused over decisions such as whether to dust or vacuum or when and how to carry out other cleaning tasks.

Should the kitchen be cleaned before the bathroom? Should you focus more on the bathtub or the sofa? Etc. These are some of the questions that might pop up in your mind when you are ready to clean your home.

Luckily, this article will offer you some fantastic cleaning tips to help make your home cleaning processes a breeze. Follow the step-by-step guide below to clean your house with the fastest and most effective techniques.

Tip 1: Don’t focus on just one room at a time

Cleaning always turns out to be far more effective if you start with a task first (maybe vacuuming, dusting, or mopping) and finish it off in all the rooms of your home at once before moving on to another task. For instance, you can start by dusting all the rooms in the house, including the bathroom and kitchen, before moving to vacuum and then moping the whole house.

Doing this will help you to avoid feeling like you are in a continuous cleaning circle, ending and restarting a task again and again.

Tip 2: Place cleaning equipment into a portable container

Gathering all your cleaning equipment and placing it into a container that can be easily moved around will also make your cleaning processes faster. This is because you do not have to waste time looking for any tool when it is needed. You also do not have to start gathering the tools you need when it is time to move to the next room. You can use a caddy, tote, or bucket to gather your cleaning tools.

Tip 3: Declutter before you begin cleaning

Before you begin to clean, it is best advised that you should first move from room to room, picking up all the clutter and adequately disposing of them. From magazines to old sneakers, well-read paperbacks, etc., many items could get in your way when cleaning. Start by picking them up and consider whether to put them away, donate them, or toss them.

Tip 4: Ensure to wipe all mirrors and glass surfaces

When cleaning your house, do not forget to clean your mirrors and glass surfaces. Clean them first with a damp microfiber cloth, after which you can use a dry cloth to wipe them clean.

Tip 5: Thoroughly wash sinks, tubs, and toilets

Pay special attention to your sinks, tubs, and toilets when cleaning your home. Start by spraying a cleaner on them, let the cleaner dissolve and settle for some minutes, then scrub and rinse them thoroughly.

Tip 6: Disinfect all surface areas and countertops

Germs settle quickly in dirty places, and they can pose severe threats to your family’s health. So, ensure to disinfect your home when cleaning adequately. While doing this, pay special attention to surfaces and items people touch or frequently handle in the house. They can include doorknobs, cabinets, TV remotes, telephones, light switches, etc.

Tip 7: Sweep your home and mop

Sweep all the rooms in your house and begin to mop them from the farthest part of the room towards the door, moving backward. This is so that you do not box yourself in a corner, nor step on areas where you have cleaned.


Many benefits go with regularly cleaning your home and keeping it tidy, especially if you do this properly. The tips in this article will help make the whole process seamless and faster for you. If you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to clean the house on your own, get in touch with a professional cleaning company.

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